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Yes...I let things bug me a little too much in my opinion. I let a person I saw at lunch today (2nd w/ Becky) bother me just cuase I saw them...and...YEAH. I also let some VERY VERY VERY annoying things said at 3rd lunch today w/ everyone annoy me too. However, I feel that those things should bother me becuase the people saying those things have no fucking right to be saying those things. Ever hear of minding your own business or lets say doing unto others as you would have done to you...the person you are saying these things about did NOTHING to you. The only person who has the right to say anything is Jackie (I hope you are catching on now to who I'm talking about now). I respect that Jackie hates this person to the fullest extent. Two people at lunch were constantly saying stuff about this person and it was really pissing me off becuase neither of you have the right to be saying those things becuase she didn't do ANY FUCKING THING TO YOU. And for the record she was not looking at our table and giving you dirty looks. ALSO If i hear "she looks like a fucking rat" ONE MORE MOTHER FUCKING TIME I'M GOING TO FUCKING EXPLODE WITH THE FUCKING WRATH OF GOD RELEASED ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Honestly people we're fucking seniors in high school...lets move on here! Specially if you have no fucking right to be saying the things you are saying. I will agree the person who you speak of as "the rat" was wrong in the past for all the stuff she did to and said about Jackie and believe me I have fucking let her have it for that...(aka I've released the wrath of god on her too -_-), but if she did nothing to you she doesn't deserve to have things said about her BY YOU! Although only one of the two people saying things at lunch today will probably read this I'm fine with that...I needed to vent.



PS: someones myspace says "single" now O_O this isn't going to help the training obsession problem :(

Here we go 

I got with somebody's date 
You're like a Soap Opera cover 
My lover self-automates 

You say a-somebody say 
You're like a salve for a leper 
You're sweet for somebody's pain 
Aw, Juicy 

Yeah, you got to live for your own 
You say you got all the sordid details 
Check-out retail 
Watch it sell 
Aw, Juicy 

I Gotta Delay 

Mothers, children on the street 
Can't get enough to eat 
Off the record 
Dishes fly 
Don't know the reason why 
Meet me in the check out stand 
See who can be the lover man 
Conscience bleeding in a song 
Guilty as the day is long 

Yeah, you got to live for your own 
You say you got all the sordid details 
Check-out retail 
Watch it sell 
I got to see that lie 
You say what you're going to say 
You got to know it's a bitter poison 
Sapping all of your soul away 

Yeah, Juicy 
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